Paradise Lost

Paradise Lost – playing now until February 2nd at Centaur, has many artist exchanges happening in tandem with the play right here, in the heart of Old Montreal. Join us in conversation or for related events and enrich your theatre going experience. 

“a show that cleverly — sometimes breathtakingly — reframes ancient notions of sin and redemption for a modern audience […] managing to find the comic in the cosmic.

– Montreal Gazette

Saturday Salon: Saturday January 25th. Join Artistic Director Eda Holmes and her guest, Centaur’s current Playwright-in-Residence Michaela Di Cesare. They will talk about writing plays that feature rebellious women in relation to Paradise Lost and Michaela’s Female Italian Freedom fighter. All are welcome. After the matinee or before the 8PM show at 4:45PM.

Playwright in Residence Michaela Di Cesare will join Eda Holmes for this month’s Saturday Salon.

Post-Show Talkbacks: Thursday January 23 and Sunday January 26. Audience members are invited to stay after the evening and matinée performances respectively for insightful Q&A discussions with the cast.

French Surtitles: Available at the performances on Friday, January 31 at 8 PM and on Saturday, February 1 at 8 PM

adam and eve with an apple
Amelia-Sargisson and Qasim Khan. Photo Andrée Lanthier

In the Gallery: Look around while visiting Centaur. Sculptures by Normand Hamel are currently on display throughout the theatre for the duration of Paradise Lost. Hamel’s phantasmagorical creatures have been likened to “last survivors of a lost civilization”. For more about the “Stray Beasts” exhibit see here.

See you at Centaur! Get tickets here.