Gallery Exhibit

Remembering what you used to know - Portrait of a woman - Oil on Canvas 30 x 48 inches

Heidi Daehler

Montreal artist Heidi Daehler creates representational works that situate human and animal subjects, and/or landscapes in emotional or existential contexts. Her latest paintings are small scale and intimate, slightly unreal views into larger worlds. We see through abstracted portals like in a dream, or a distant memory, but these could also be protective barriers or something more ominous encroaching. The figure/ground relationship is not straightforward, but the longing for reconnection is real. A desire for the paradoxically soothing and frightening natural world is present, and they are also a tribute to what we are inextricably linked to. Ultimately, these works are metaphors for inner life which in turn is affected by the fragility of where we come from. It’s an exploration of the many manifestations of our own internal wildness or “nature”. Are we closer to it by means of these openings, or do they create more distance? One can only hope that the connection is not broken beyond repair.

Heidi Daehler has exhibited her works in solo and group shows in and about Montreal and New York, and has completed dozens of commissioned paintings. She Her works can be found in numerous private collections across Canada, the U.S., the U.K. and Mexico. Daehler holds a BFA in Studio Arts and a BA in Psychology (Concordia, 2006 and 1997).

Remembering what you used to know
Oil on canvas
30 x 48 inches