Gallery Exhibit

Matthew Gagnon

From November 16 through December 20th, throughout the run of All I Want For Christmas.

Matthew Gagnon is a Montreal born visual artist and actor. He started his career in illustration at a young age as an editorial cartoonist for the Montreal Gazette West Island. Since then, he has explored various mediums including acrylic painting, sculpture, graphic design and digital illustration. His interests, although varied, are always connected with a love of bold, vibrant colours, and strong graphic compositions. He combines motifs from printmaking and pop art, but with a more textured, hands on approach. 

Matthew has spent years sketching people and places all around the city of Montreal, but things changed when the demolition of the Turcot interchange began. Suddenly, a beautiful metropolis started to resemble a surrealist landscape, where blocks of cement jutted arbitrarily through the air. Since then, he has spent much of his artistic career painting, illustrating and rendering the more overlooked areas of the city: underpasses, traffic jams, alleyways and garages. Using light, shadow and colour, he hopes to catch them at their most beautiful.