Gallery Exhibit

Normand Hamel

paper skin: collage studies towards a new “Guernica”

From April 26, through the run of A PLAY FOR THE LIVING IN A TIME OF EXTINCTION

There is a fall ahead
ahead of even the realization that we are already elsewhere 

an explosion an expulsion a shattering a scattering
A dizzying asymmetry

Each piece is an instance
a portrait of my agitation 

clashes of light and of darkness

Amalgamated towers of coloured cardboard 

disseminated strata on the floor
like a garden
history repeats itself like a garden

Follow the impulse of the moment 

grounded, accentual, a dance, a ritual 

measure cut butcher
design with a blade, several blades

Chaotic scattering, explosion, like windows shattering 

vaporize the glue, imprint directly onto canvassed paper 

read, see the signs, the forms
gather unmake fragment stack up glue back together

repair the pile

Dig again
look for figures, for bodies 

images appear disappear 

inciting attention, interrogation give them form meaning setting

Thus have these works or paper skins been created 

some mounted on bamboo shoots
like vestiges or trophies
from on safari, from on the hunt

– Normand Hamel April 2022

Trans. Fanny Dvorkin