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January 20 to February 15, 2015

The Goodnight Bird

February 24 to March 22, 2015


January 21 to February 8, 2015

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Normand Hamel -

Normand Hamel

“... nowhere can we show so many hundreds and thousands of broken-down or dropped ideas, abandoned plans, unrealized original thoughts, true prodigies in the sciences or the so-called fine arts, and all of this in so many beautiful sites. So much wasted talent, the extraordinary always self-destructive, the element we call creative allowing itself to be murdered by natural beauty...”
- Thomas Bernhard, The Lime Works, 1974

An outside view of the house, the impression that the world is all in upheaval, that the elements show themselves with force and violence, that the only place we can feel safe is inside oneself, as if the house represents the ultimate refuge from the madness of the world, a place where one can see, observe, calmly drink tea and protect oneself against the squalls and dangers of the world.

This exhibition follows a reflection on the idea of interior landscape, on what the idea of house can evoke, as a place that inhabits us. I read somewhere that “the house is there to contain our fears in the face of the infinite.”