Play Reading

At the Beginning of Time

by Steve Galluccio
Director & dramaturg Jackie Maxwell

A new play in development by Montreal playwright Steve Galluccio, (Mambo Italiano, The St. Leonard Chronicles) will be live streamed for Centaur audiences at 7PM. Free event!

October 21, 2020
90 minutes
It is always thrilling to have the chance to discover a new play in progress from an established Montreal writer and At the Beginning of Time is no exception. We have been working closely with Steve to prepare his latest creation for its first public reading, an exciting phase in the development of a script from this beloved Centaur playwright.
- Eda Holmes, Centaur Theatre Artistic & Executive Director


Montreal: one month before the Covid shutdown. Michael returns from Mexico with a nasty bacteria that lands him in the Emergency Room waiting for treatment. His two best friends, Lou and Pat, drop by to keep him company. The three gay, Italian men discuss everything from Covid to being gay at 60, to triumphs and tragedies and ultimately to the plight of John, Michael’s husband, who is riddled with Alzeihmer’s and living in a CHSLD.

Steve Galluccio’s At The Beginning Of Time is a love letter to his late husband, Yves, which chronicles their journey navigating this cruel, degenerative disease together…yet apart.


Andreas Apergis
Tony Calabretta
Davide Chiazzese
Felicia Shulman

Stage Manager/ Live Stream Floor Director - Luciana Burcheri
Live stream and Sound Engineer - Peter Cerone
Videographers - Ugarit Almosa, Matilda Cerone, Shin Ling
Head technician - Elly Tomasson