2020: A Lightly Seasoned Centaur

It’s hard to imagine a piece of theatre that could take us on more of a rollercoaster ride than the extreme events we have all witnessed over the last few months. From everyone at Centaur, we hope that you and your loved ones are healthy and have discovered novel ways to stay connected to the living arts since we last met. We miss seeing you, conversing with you, and sharing a toast with you in the Gallery. We live for the moment we can all be together again.   

That said, the current public health directives make it impossible for Centaur Theatre to open a traditional season in September but we are finding creative ways to approach the challenge of telling stories during this strange, hopefully temporary, “socially distant” era. Though we have yet to work out all the details, we wanted to notify you of the upcoming launch of what we have playfully dubbed 2020: A Lightly Seasoned Centaur. It will include a variety of live and online events such as our Saturday Salons on YouTube and Facebook live, as we make good use of this time to unearth myriad new stories to tell you, once we can gather again in our beautiful heritage building. In these uncertain times you can bank on this: before too long we WILL raise a glass to the resilient art of theatre, its extraordinary ability to adapt to the changing times, and its transformative effect on those who make it and experience it.

In the meantime, if you have banked a credit with us from tickets you purchased to performances that were cancelled, rest assured that your money is securely put aside until ticketed activities resume. Though we can’t guarantee exactly when that will be, you will be the first to know and we appreciate your continued faith in us. We know these are challenging times so if your circumstances have changed please let us know; we understand completely. 

To those of you who generously donated the amount of your ticket purchases from last season I say, “Thank you! Merci! And Bravo!” THE SHOW MUST GO ON, our COVID recovery fundraising campaign, (which has already raised nearly $20,000), continues, in our effort to offset some of the losses we incurred as well as cultivate inventive ways to bring you great stories, well told in the heart of Old Montreal.

So, stay tuned, stay well, stay safe and stay curious about what theatre can bring into your life – no matter what form it comes in. 
Cheers – 

Eda Holmes,
Artistic and Executive Director,
Centaur Theatre Company

PS if you need to contact Box Office, please write to boxoffice@centaurtheatre.com or leave a message at (514) 288-1229 ext 271

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