World Theatre Day

We are blessed to live at a time in history when a pandemic prohibiting one of our basic human needs—to socialize—is not as isolating as it would have been just 20 years ago. Daily … hourly, websites and social media groups are popping up as virtual agoras to keep us informed and encouraged, and to ensure we stay connected with neighbours near and far. Take advantage of virtual reality to reaffirm the tremendous value that the performing arts play in our lives. Seek out creators of every discipline who are forging new collaborations and generously sharing the fruits of their labours online. No one need feel deprived or alone.

We teamed up with our great friends at Plank Design to create this video message in celebration of theatre and the myriad ways it enriches our lives.

View our World Theatre Day video by Centaur Theatre and Plank Design.

Theatre is nothing if not a social arena for exchange. It has the power to question, entertain, and illuminate. As we celebrate World Theatre Day on March 27th, we invite you to read the words of this year’s author, Pakistani playwright Shahid Nadeem. His message is one of strength and resilience in the face of adversity. It is not a message addressed solely to theatre makers and lovers; it is a message of appreciation and hope for all humanity at a time when we need it most.

Just as we could not have imagined the magnitude of what we are living through right now, so can we not predict how the world will change as a result. What we can rely on is our faith in each other and in our ability to re-imagine and re-build in the aftermath. It is in that spirit that Centaur diligently continues preparing for the upcoming 52nd Season and look forward with confidence and excitement to once again welcome you into our theatre to share the stories of our lives.

Love, Eda Holmes

Artistic and Executive Director, Centaur Theatre

Read the 2020 World Theatre Day Message by Shahid Nadeem.