The Portico Project

This is a call for submissions for a new initiative at Centaur Theatre, in response to the extraordinary moment we are living in the performing arts. We are looking for short theatrical projects which can be safely performed in the portico and on the steps in front of the theatre.

WHEN – September 24 to October 3. Each project will have a minimum of 3 presentations during the run. 

THEME – “Unpacking” as in unpacking the story, unpacking the self, unpacking the system, unpacking the moment. Since the Covid crisis began, performing artists have had to put their creative output in storage. During this time so many things have shifted in the world at large. Our job as artists is to examine the world through the lens of our individual experience and then use our imaginations to reveal what we see to other people.

The “unpacking” theme is a call for performing artists to reveal what they have been seeing and thinking about during this extraordinary moment in our collective experience. What is the role of the artist now, and how can art be used to incite and document social change?

It is also a chance for artists to play creatively within the new realities and restrictions that this contagious disease demands. It can be a brand new creation or a new look on something old, but it must respect current public health mandates of social distancing between performers. This means maintaining a 2 meter distance between people unless they are from the same family or household. 

LENGTH – It must be between 10 and 20 minutes in length so that an audience member could easily stand for or be attracted to as they walk by. It is meant to be a fresh take on something, not a polished piece of traditional theatre and can involve text, movement, music, visuals, or all of the above.

SUBMISSION – Please submit a one-page description of your project plus CVs of all artists involved. A written script may be submitted but must not exceed 10 pages in length (even if the whole script is longer). If visuals are available, feel free to submit them in a digital format. All materials must be sent to with the word “Portico” and your name in the subject line.

DEADLINE – July 17. Selected projects will be confirmed no later than August 1st.

REMUNERATION – $1000 plus a $250 material support.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION – Each selected project will be scheduled for a meeting with our Production Manager, Howard Mendelsohn, to assess the production elements of the project and coordinate the presentations.

We are committed to presenting the widest range of voices possible and encourage artists of every possible ethnic background and sexual orientation to apply.