Staff Picks #3


For our 3rd issue of STAFF PICKS, we’ve got everything from fishing and deep sea searches for sunken ships to naughty adult activity books and a full-length online play by one of Montreal’s up-and-coming theatre companies. Count on Centaur Theatre to make sure you stay entertained and engaged while in self-isolation!

Eda (Artistic & Executive Director)

Eda’s looking forward to Snowglobe Theatre’s The Fairies are Thirsty, a LIVE Facebook event May 23 and 24 from 8 to 9pm each evening. Marie, Madeleine, and the Statue are trapped as flies in amber. Yet though they cannot touch or meet, these extraordinary women will still connect in ways they would never have imagined. Directed by Kieran Hunt, this production is a translation by Alan Brown of Les fées ont soif, by Quebec playwright Denise Boucher, and stars Sabrina Auclair, Montreal Theatre Hub founder, Camila Fitzgibbon, and Sandra Lee.

Vanessa R. (Digital Media Manager)

Vanessa reveals her dance roots with the high octane excerpt from Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater’s “Lazarus”. You will NOT be able to stay in your seat. C’mon let’s boogie, together but apart!

Eloi (Marketing & Communications Manager)

Danse Danse has been posting full length choreographies from International companies they have scheduled in their upcoming season. 2020-21 opens with the world renowned Tanztheater Wuppertal, founded by Pina Bausch. Watch her opic creation, “Palermo, Palermo”.

Camille (Administrative Assistant)

Camille has lots of great ideas for you this week.  Re-think what it means to be an artist amidst crisis with this insightful article.

Dance away the Covid blues with Dance Alone Together, a site with an amazing aggregation of international teachers and classes.

Or de-stress through breathing exercises with Amy Kuretsky. Bonus event on Wednesdays: tune out of planet Earth and tune into the astrological bodies with Amy.

Vanessa G. (Box Office Manager)

Vanessa firmly believes in the power of “cute”; it’ll smash your Covid concerns to smithereens. Binge out on Attack of the Cute!

Chuck (General Manager)

He is fascinated by underwater shipwrecks, especially those lost during the Franklin Expedition, found recently (2014 & 2016) after 150 years of looking. Baffled shipwreck searchers finally decided to ask local Inuit people for help, and were shown where to look. Wonderful videos reveal the exploration & discovery of the wrecks, with great photos of the ships. See more on the History of HMS Terror and Erebus site.

Want more? This History Channel documentary, Arctic Tomb, though more “imagined history” is also entertaining.

Barbara (Communications & Web Writer )

You must download the House Arrest Activity Book for Adults! It’s jam-packed with cheeky doodles, self-isolation survival tips, cocktail recipes, de-stressing exercises, and colouring, drawing, & craft activities, but with an adult twist. E.g, post-apocalyptic paper dolls, ‘horror-scopes’, lockdown bingo, & hilarious reviews of quarantine pastimes like Netflix, books, and more. Have FUN!

Howard (Production Manager)

If you like fishing… here’s an awesome episode of The Next Bite.  Crazy muskie action.  If you can’t stand the suspense, jump to 18:05.