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Members Event

Strawberries In January

Private Reading of a new musical for Centaur Go Live members
Centaur Theatre in Association with Théâtre Advienne que pourra
Original text translated by playwright/screenwriter Morwyn Brebner
Songs written by Audrey Thériault and Eva Foote

Be the first to experience the new musical rendition of Évelyne de la Chenelière’s hit play, Strawberries in January.

December 17 at 7:30PM


75-90 minutes
What if we dared, quite simply, to be happy. If we savored every little moment of life. What if we risked love …

Private Reading of the NEW Musical “Strawberries in January”

Relax in our main floor gallery as you follow the quirky love story of four entwined Montreal singles played by Eloi ArchamBaudoin (Hosanna, Tableau d’Hote/Centaur), Eva Foote, Daniel Murphy and Rosalie Tremblay. 

This special FREE reading is open to Go Live members only and will include songs performed live.

Strawberries in January is about us. About our dreams. Our hopes. Our aspirations. Small moments of existence, seemingly insignificant, but which, put together, constitute our lives. What if anything was possible … if we could deliberately stop complicating our lives. What if we could finally learn to talk to each other. To communicate.

Strawberries in January had its English-language world premiere at Centaur Theatre in 2003

Creative Team

Évelyne de la Chenelière - Playwright
Morwyn Brebner - Translator
Frédéric Bélanger & Audrey Thériault - Creators
Audrey Thériault - Songs
Ludovic Bonnier - Music & Arrangements
Eva Foote - New songs
Alexis Diamond-Translator of songs
Frédéric Bélanger - Director
David Terriault - Musical Director
Howard Mendelsohn - Production Manager
Peter Cerone - Audio & Video Engineer
Luciana Burcheri - Stage Manager

Production Partner(s)