Season 2021-22

Kisses Deep

Written by Michel Marc Bouchard
Translated by Linda Gaboriau
Directed by Eda Holmes

A devoted son attempts to redeem his mother’s character through high fashion.

Jan 25 – Feb 12, 2022

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"The perfect mother doesn’t exist. If she exists she is made of a collection of bad seams, loose threads and hidden pleats."
Hugo, Kisses Deep

About the show

Consumed by fantasies of opulent fabrics and women’s high fashion, a young man desperately tries to restore his mother’s tarnished character by designing the perfect dress for her court appearance. ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­Michel Marc Bouchard’s new play asks penetrating questions. Can artistic creation be healing? Can it obscure the ugliness that surrounds us or is that the source of creativity? Can we find redemption in dreams? Can art be a work of forgiveness?

Creative Team

Elaine Normandeau - Assistant Director and Stage Manager
Michael Gianfrancesco - Set Designer
Sébastien Dionne - Costume Designer
Etienne Boucher - Lighting Designer
Thomas Payette - Video Designer
Alexander MacSween - Composer and Sound Designer
Pierre-Guy Lapointe - Assistant Costume Designer
Gaspard Philippe - Assistant Video Designer
Karine Cusson - Props
Audrey Toulouse - Make-up
Rachel Tremblay - Wigs
Sarah Tremblay - Hair
Danielle Skene - Assistant Stage Manager

More Info

Engaging art is surprising and provocative and sometimes the stories we tell explore sensitive yet important issues. We advise you to consult with our Box Office staff before purchasing tickets if you have concerns about themes, behaviour or language in any of our upcoming productions.  We want you to safely enjoy your theatre experience.

A Centaur Theatre and Théâtre du Nouveau Monde co-production