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October 17, 2023  — November 5, 2023


Moose roast, meatless lasagna, and biting social commentary are on the menu in this irreverent comedy of manners from one of the leading Indigenous playwrights in Canada.

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“Oh God! An academic and two politically correct vegetarians. I’m in Hell.”
— Angel

Centaur Theatre presents the English-language production of Menuentakuan’s alterNatives

Written by Drew Hayden Taylor

Directed by Xavier Huard

With Charles Bender, Natalie Tannous, Étienne Thibeault, Lesly Velázquez, Nadia Verrucci, and Xavier Watso

Angel is a young Anishinaabe science-fiction writer in a May-December relationship with Colleen, a “non-practicing” Jewish academic who studies Indigenous literatures. Unbeknownst to Angel, Colleen decides to invite his estranged “alterNative warrior” activist buddies to sit down for a meal with her own comrades, a couple of white liberal vegan veterinarians. What follows is an uproarious evening of cross-cultural communication (and miscommunication) that sheds light on the uncomfortable truths that continue to colour the relationship between Indigenous and settler communities.

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Playwright Drew Hayden Taylor, described as “the First Nations Neil Simon,” brings his trademark wit and cultural insight to this wry look at contemporary social dynamics. Produced in collaboration with Menuentakuan in an English-language revival of their celebrated production of alterIndiens, alterNatives brings together a group of artists at the vanguard of theatrical creation to bring fresh new life to a classic dramatic scenario – the dinner party gone wrong.