MOB: shows added

English premiere of Quebecois hit, MOB, extended for 1 week

“when it comes to pulling the rug out from under us, Catherine-Anne Toupin is second to none”

Christian Saint-Pierre, Le Devoir

Montreal, February 12, 2020 – Tickets are on sale as of today for the extended dates of MOB, Centaur Theatre’s next main stage production. Word spread fast about the English premiere of the French box office and critical success, La meute, penned by Quebecois stage and screen star, Catherine-Anne Toupin, causing a Centaur sell-out before rehearsals got underway.

“the new play by Catherine-Anne Toupin is disturbingly topical” – Mario Cloutier, La Presse

“Eda has been a champion of this play since she saw the world premiere at La Licorne in 2018”, said playwright Catherine-Anne Toupin. “It’s very gratifying to know that my work is contributing to bridging the two solitudes. I love cultural cross-pollination; everyone is enriched by it.”

“Catherine-Anne Toupin continues her exploration of human behavior in a new theatrical thriller.” – Patricia Belzil, Revue JEU

Eda Holmes, Centaur’s Artistic and Executive Director added, “The chance to extend the English language premiere of MOB is a testament to the Centaur audience’s hunger for the exciting work coming from our French colleagues. MOB is such a compelling and relevant play; I want everyone to experience the thrill of it.” 

“wait until the last minutes to see all the pieces of the puzzle fit together” – Sara Thibault, La Bible Urbaine

Now playing from March 3 to 29, 2020, a full week was added to the run, stretching it from a 3- to 4-week run. The specific dates and times are as follows:

Tuesday            March 24          8pm

Wednesday      March 25          8pm

Thursday          March 26          8pm

Friday               March 27          8pm

Saturday           March 28          2pm

Saturday           March 28          8pm

Sunday             March 29          2pm