Hydro Quebec renews support

The Reassuring, Steadfast Support of Hydro-Québec

Hydro-Québec strongly believes in giving back to the province it serves, as evidenced in the countless ways it has woven itself into Québec’s unique society through its generous support of numerous small and large institutions. Positive, sustainable change is at the core of every organization that Hydro-Québec sponsors. From Chambers of Commerce in rural regions to prominent hospitals, scientific research facilities and universities, the world renowned clean energy supplier has helped many worthy non-profits to further their goals and continue their important work. 

Hydro-Québec’s support can be divided into three main areas: the environment, the economy, and the fight against poverty. A huge segment of its sponsorship dollars is channelled into the rich and thriving domain of arts & culture, a major influence in the province’s economic balance. Hydro-Québec’s largest group of sponsorship recipients—music, theatre, film, and dance producers, as well as authors, museums, libraries and festivals—falls into this category. 

Centaur Theatre Company has benefitted from Hydro-Québec’s stalwart support since 1999. At various times it was a Season Sponsor and since 2011, has been Centaur Theatre’s Subscription Campaign Sponsor. Despite Covid-19’s abrupt disruption of the performing arts, resulting in the cancellation of Centaur Theatre’s 2020-21 program, Hydro-Québec will continue to support Centaur for the theatre’s recently formed “lightly seasoned” 52nd year.

“Navigating the last six months has been a challenge to say the least”, said Eda Holmes, Centaur’s Artistic and Executive Director.

“Staying connected to our audiences, assuring that there will be a safe return to theatre, was our priority until now. With the advent of an entirely different ‘season’ that looks nothing like what we had planned to launch, we’ve shifted our focus to designing new kinds of engaging theatre that meets all of the safety requirements for our staff, artists, and audiences. We are deeply grateful to Hydro-Québec for its unwavering faith in our ability to ride the storm and emerge victorious.”