Wildside Festival

Centaur’s annual festival of cutting edge theatre geared especially for
the wild and adventurous!
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Jan 11- 23, 2021. All online. And FREE!

The Hottest Two Weeks of Winter!

To keep you on your toes, we purposely veered totally off course this year. Everything is online so that in itself adds a new dimension, but instead of the usual call-out to local, national, and international artists to submit already existing shows for consideration in the fest, we felt that challenging and supporting the Montreal theatre community was paramount. 

Wildside curator, Rose Plotek, reached out to local artists known for their idiosyncratic approach to theatre-making who had a burning desire to unpack this unprecedented moment in history. The result is four fresh, hot-off-the-press creations, each with a uniquely distinct lens on the world today.

Take a walk on the Wildside from the comfort of your couch

Before each premiere, there will be a live interview between Rose and the play’s creator. Each play will be online for one week, however the pre-premiere interviews will only be available live, so don’t miss out on those illuminating bonus events!  

Events range in genre and length; some are finished products and others are experiments in need of a virtual audience. For the first time ever, no snow banks to trudge through, freezing temperatures to endure, or endless searches for a parking space. All you need to do is…

Stay home – stay safe – and get your Wildside on!  

Wildside Festival

Catalyst @ Centaur

An exciting new initiative in the 24th edition of the Wildside Festival to develop & showcase works in progress.