Flex Pass

How it works

Our new Flex Pass gives you four tickets at a 10% discount that you can use in any way you’d like. For example, you could use all four on one performance, or even pick one seat from four different performances. Here you will have to book your specific dates on purchase.

With the Flex Pass, you can rest assured that you can change your bookings to fit your lifestyle. You get free ticket exchanges up to four hours before your performance.

Flex Pass Prices
Regular Pass: $224
Senior Pass: $194
Under 30 Pass: $115

Flex Pass

Self-serve ticket booking
Freedom to book at any time

√ Free ticket exchange
Up to 4 hours before your performance

√ Use your tickets any way you like
Option to use more than one ticket per show

√ Choose your performance and your seat as you go
Use all four tickets for one performance, spread them out through the season, or see your favourite play over and over again. It’s all up to you!


Call our box office at (514) 288-3161 or by email here.