Virtual Children’s Series

When Mom’s Away

Directed by Misha Bellerive
Produced by E.D. FILMS Art + Tech Lab

Three triplet cats hang out alone at home while their mom goes out for quick errands. They play and have fun, until their commotion breaks Mom’s fine china. They have to quickly repair them before mom gets back home.

February 21-March 31, 2022

02:25 | 2021 | Canada

Centaur’s 2022 Children’s Series goes online and features an educational and entertaining short film selection from the archives of Montreal animation company E.D. Films.

About E.D. Films

E.D. FILMS is a multi-disciplinary animation studio based in Montreal since 2007. Our work encompasses short and long linear films, virtual realities, commissioned content for immersive experiences, process tutorials, and digital creation tools. Our talented team is at the core of everything we do. We aspire to thoughtful engagement, knowledge sharing, curiosity, and hand crafted artistry. We explore complex contemporary topics like environmental conservation, fusion energy, machine learning, and cosmology, all through a lens of playfulness, creativity and possibility.

More Info

When Mom’s Away (2021) was made by using “PSD to 3D Pro” plugin for Autodesk Maya, developed by E.D. FILMS Art + Tech Lab.

Creator + Director: Misha Bellerive
Illustration + Animation: Misha Bellerive
Mentor: Louis M. Roy
Producer: Emily Paige
Sound designer: Sacha Ratcliffe
Music: Sacha Ratcliffe


Foley: Sacha Ratcliffe
Kids: Misha Bellerive
Mom: Emily Paige

Special thanks: Emily Paige, Daniel Gies, Archita Ghosh, Louis Roy, Eric Max Kaplin, Roxann Vaudry-Read, Michaelson Britt, David Poirer, Mahalia Verna, and Kassia Ward