Virtual Children’s Series

Wâhkôhtowin | All My Relations

Commissioned by Hidden Story Productions
Directed by Barry Bilinsky
Narrator: Ekti Margaret Cardinal
Muskrat Storyteller: Darlene Auger
Original Music: Leo and Priscilla McGilvery
Cree Creation Story from: Jerry and JoAnn Saddleback

The power of stories, told over many nights, over many years, through all the languages across the world, are encapsulated in an intimate story between a grandmother and her children’s children on a clear winter night in the teepee.

February 21 – March 31, 2022

05:48 | 2021 | Canada

Centaur’s 2022 Children’s Series goes online and features an educational and entertaining short film selection from the archives of Montreal animation company E.D. Films.

About E.D. Films

E.D. FILMS is a multi-disciplinary animation studio based in Montreal since 2007. Our work encompasses short and long linear films, virtual realities, commissioned content for immersive experiences, process tutorials, and digital creation tools. Our talented team is at the core of everything we do. We aspire to thoughtful engagement, knowledge sharing, curiosity, and hand crafted artistry. We explore complex contemporary topics like environmental conservation, fusion energy, machine learning, and cosmology, all through a lens of playfulness, creativity and possibility.

More Info

This animated film is a cinematic linear output of a piece that was originally created for an immersive space within the Indigenous Peoples Experience in Fort Edmonton Park, Canada. The original film was custom designed to play across seventeen twenty-foot-high screens and on three traditionally crafted, human sized teepees.


Director: Barry Bilinsky
Art Direction: David Garneau
Creative Producer: Rio Mitchell
Project Manager: Laura O’Grady
Executive Producer: Chris Hsiung
Narrator: Ekti Margaret Cardinal
Muskrat Storyteller: Darlene Auger
Original Music by: Leo and Priscilla McGilvery
Sound Design and Mix: Dewi Wood
Cree Creation Story from: Jerry and JoAnn Saddleback


Creative Producer: Emily Paige
Producer: Roxann Vaudry-Read
Executive Producer: Archita Ghosh
Creative Director: David Barlow-Krelina
Technical Director: David Barlow-Krelina
Art Director: Cielle Graham
Illustration + Design: Cielle Graham
Animation Direction: David Barlow-Krelina and Cielle Graham
Consulting Director: Daniel Gies
Editor: David Barlow-Krelina


Executive Producer: Stefanie Bitton
Associate Producer: Frédérique Parenteau
Creative Director: Malcolm Sutherland
Graphic Designer: Marc-Alain Grenon
Technical Director: Marc-André Bourgoin
Illustrator: David Goldstyn
2D Animators: Simon Cottee and Celia Bullwinkell
Compositor: Alien MA Alfonso
Music: Duane Janvier, David KaKeesim-McGilvery, Bronson LaChance, Kihew LaChance, Adrian LaChance, Marilyn North Peigan, Ernest Poundmaker, Carol Powder, Ruth Scalplock, Noah Simon

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