Un Poyo Rojo

In Association with La Tohu
With Luciano Rosso & Nicolás Poggi
Directed by Hermes Gaido
Choreography by Nicolás Poggi & Luciano Rosso
Produced by Jonathan Zak & Maxime Seuge/T4

Two men alone in a gym locker room… the possibilities are endless in this riotous Argentinian import blending dance, sport, and sexuality.

September 24 - 29, 2019
65 minutes
Une performance qui laisse sans voix"
Un Poyo Rojo: the fight of the century in physical comedy gold
Mieux qu’un spectacle, c’est une expérience sensorielle hors norme (Better than a show, it's an extraordinary sensory experience)

About the Show

“the combat of seduction” – Le Bible Urbaine.

A return visit of the international physical theatre smash hit from Argentina! Two men in a gym locker room … the possibilities for rivalry, jealousy, desire and illumination are endless in this riotous crossover between dance, sport and sexuality. These uniquely gifted acrobatic actors depict every hue of masculine identity—from testosterone-stoked virility to artful seduction—with riotous effect. It’s an open invitation to accept ourselves and have a good laugh. A striking portrayal of our physical and spiritual potential.