Jacqueline van de Geer

The Wonder Room of Madame Mimi – 10:30am

Madame Mimi comes home from her year long travels and shares her stories, showing wonderful objects and treasures from all over the world. To name a few: Madame Mimi found Leo, the elegant giraffe in a Parisian flea market; she learned how to make a tea with a magical teapot in Brighton; and saved the little doll Masha from a garbage bin in Russia!

There are many other beautiful treasures to discover and the audience is more than welcome to add to the stories, interact with Madame Mimi, and ask her all they want to know about her travel around the world. On the world map, Madame Mimi draws her travel and all are welcome to finish the drawing together with her, adding their travels and greetings! Ages 5-10

February 1, 2020
45 minutes