The Whiteface Cabaret

Produced by Whiteface Productions
Created & Performed by Lady Vanessa Cardona & Todd Houseman

The Whiteface Cabaret is a narrative about appropriation and features character masks and guest performers. Free event.

26 mins
Best Performance – Alberta Film & Television (Rosie) Awards
Excellent performances, [...] highly original masks [...], dance, and electronic music all work together to make this [Whiteface Cabaret] one of the most memorable cabarets you will ever visit.
Whiteface is a biting commentary about appropriation of Indigenous culture, colonization and the search for identity amid a backdrop of trauma, and if that’s not enough to sell you on it, it is also hilarious!


A spinoff of the play Whiteface by the same creators, The Whiteface Cabaret is a digital performance that features masks, dance, existential dread and more! This cross-continental collaboration will be beamed right to your living room and will dazzle you with its performance of race and politics.

A full-length film version of Whiteface is available online, presented through Telus’s Storyhive. 


Lady Vanessa Cardona
Todd Houseman

Performances by:
Andy Assaf
Ben Gorodetsky
Sara Meleika
Captions by Elise Jason