Moon Escapees Productions

The Heart Recipe

The Heart Recipe is a Valentine’s Day Special.

In this new adventure Lady Lost needs your help to stay awake and figure out the ingredients to make a good heart. This show will be livestreamed from Centaur theatre at 10:30AM. Free event.

35 minutes

About the show

Lady Lost pricked her finger on Sleeping Beauty’s spinning wheel… and now we are all going to fall asleep for a hundred years and therefore miss the Holidays!! To obtain the antidote she must give Maleficent a new heart. Lady Lost needs your help to stay awake and break the evil spell!


Patricia Legaré

Actor and Playwright: Patricia Legare
Director: Mylène Lapierre
Illustrator (Backdrop): Sophie-Anne Vachon
Props Master: Patricia Légaré with the help of Robert Chouinard
Muse: Jaymie Yergeau