Podcast series

Tarragon Acoustic

Produced by the Tarragon Theatre

Centaur Presents Tarragon Acoustic, a series of audio plays, drawn from over 50 years of Tarragon Theatre’s rich history of Canadian play development.

October 8 - 22, 2020


From classics to new works, Tarragon Acoustic features Canadian plays that were developed at Tarragon Theatre, the home for Canadian playwrights. Performed by some of Canada’s best actors, this online collaboration is an opportunity for Centaur to share more theatre with you until we can once again take to the stage.  

Centaur Theatre’s Artistic Associate, Rose Plotek, has curated an assortment especially for Centaur audiences. Each play will remain online for a period of 2 weeks. 

Centaur will receive a portion of the sales.

Léo by Rosa Laborde (Available in English & Spanish)

October 8 – 22, 2020
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Political passion, poetry, sexual identity, and what it means to “disappear” – including the loss of ideals and individual spirit – weave a bittersweet triangle in this tale of stolen youth. Set in Santiago, Chile, Leo, is a one-act play told from the perspective of a twenty-year-old pleasure centered man who has become a desaparecido (disappeared) after the democratically elected Chilean government is overthrown with the assassination of the president, Salvador Allende, in the military coup d’état of 1973. Leo takes us on a journey through childhood, first friends, first loves and an abruptly ended adolescence.

7 Stories by Morris Panych

October 25 – November 8, 2020
A man is perched on the ledge of an apartment building, preparing to plunge to his death. All about him, the building’s inhabitants pop in and out of their windows, revealing snippets of their own incongruous lives. As he contemplates the meaninglessness of his existence, he is unexpectedly and suddenly set free. 

This is War by Hannah Moscovitch

November 12 – 26, 2020
Master Corporal Tanya Young, Captain Stephen Hughes, Private Jonny Henderson and Sergeant Chris Anders have lived through an atrocity while holding one of the most volatile regions in Afghanistan. As each of them is interviewed by an unseen broadcasting organization, they recount their version of events leading up to the horrific incident with painful, unrelenting replies. What begins to form is a picture of the effects of guilt and the psychological toll of violence in a war where the enemy is sometimes indiscernible.

Three Women of Swatow by Chloé Hung

December 10 – 24, 2020
When Mother accidentally kills her husband, three generations of women must come together to solve a bloody situation. This darkly comedic play takes a look at the legacy of abuse, the power of family, and how to prevent the resurrection of a headless chicken. 

Fronteras Americanas  by Guillermo Verdecchia

December 27 – January 11, 2021
Fuelled by equal parts outrage, intelligence and wit, Fronteras Americanas re-creates one person’s struggle to construct a home between two cultures, while exploding the images and constructs built up around Latinos and Latin America. This one-person play works through bold juxtapositions and satiric reference points. Verdecchia twirls stereotypes and clichés, offers comparative histories, examines myths and mysticism, and provides lessons in language and dancing.


How To Purchase

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