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Patrick Lloyd Brennan & Jeansil Bruyère

Join Eda Holmes and her guests Saturday at 2PM for the first in a series of comprehensive conversations examining Centaur Theatre’s relationship to Montreal’s rich cultural diversity.

45 minutes
"I’m looking forward to talking with Patrick, QDF’s Managing Director, and Jeansil, a Quebec jurist, about the need for creating real diversity, equity and inclusion in all aspects of our society and the implementation process."
- Eda Holmes, Centaur Theatre Artistic & Executive Director


Patrick and Jeansil are two of the five exceptional panelists involved in a new initiative: the Artistic Diversity Discussion @ Centaur (ADD @ Centaur). Eda and her guests will discuss why ADD @ Centaur was formed and look at some of the concrete steps that came out of the initiative’s first meeting in September, intended to make good on Centaur’s commitment to be an agent of change in the cultural landscape.

As a cultural creator and arts administrator who also worked at Centaur for several years, Patrick brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to this ambitious mission. Jeansil’s background makes him an ideal candidate to help Centaur identify its existing blind spots. He will explain why this is an essential step towards creating a truly inclusive theatre company in which artists flourish and the productions it stages and the events it produces appeal to and reflect all of Montreal’s unique communities.


Patrick Lloyd Brennan
Jeansil Bruyère