Boca del Lupo

Red Phone

Innovative. Unique. The theatrical equivalent to singing in the shower!

10 minutes
Theatre is live, theatre is communion, theatre is something to be experienced together, in the flesh.
Boca del Lupo

Be theatre!

Vancouver’s Boca del Lupo turns the tables in this intriguing, one-of-a-kind theatrical experience. Two phone booths rest at opposite ends of Centaur’s expansive portico. Each contains a vintage red phone and a teleprompter. Two by two, audience members become the stars as they act out one of eight 10-minute plays, scrolling on the prompters, each from their individual booth. A socially distant encounter that is peculiarly intimate.

Whether you’re adventurous, curious, an introvert or extrovert, everyone is invited to pick up the phone and engage in urgent, touching, funny, and thought-provoking conversations written by some of Canada’s most exciting playwrights, including two bilingual scripts written by Montreal artists, Alice Abracen and Omari Newton. 

Local playwright, Alice Abracen, and Montreal expat, Omari Newton, join a diverse list of other contributing Canadian playwrights.

Free of charge and running in between the scheduled Portico Project performances, online reservations can be made for a $5 fee.

Safety and sanitary measures will be strictly adhered to following the directions of Quebec public health authorities.


Alice Abracen
Omari Newton


Plays on demand

Alice Abracen – Sacrifice (French Translation by Mishka Lavigne)

Omari Newton –  Are We Good (French Translation by Lydie Dubuisson)

Ivan Coyote – Jag Alskar

Jay Dodge and Sherry Yoon – The Heisenberg Principle

Karen Hines – Condialogue

Hiro Kanagawa – Out of the Blue

Yvette Notal – Civil War III