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Ranee Lee & Julie Tamiko Manning

Join Eda Holmes and her two guests as they bring the conversation to you in our second Salon around how to develop Centaur Theatre’s role in reflecting Montreal’s cultural diversity … on stage and off.

45 minutes
How fortunate we are to have these two extraordinary women to learn from: the award-winning jazz icon, actress, and author, Ranee Lee, and the multi-talented theatre creator and performer, Julie Tamiko Manning, who practically stole the show as Sin in last season’s Paradise Lost.
- Eda Holmes, Centaur Theatre Artistic & Executive Director


Coming from two different diverse backgrounds, both of these gifted and articulate artists will share what it’s like working in the arts as women of colour. Their experiences have much to teach us as they open the doors into their communities. The more we understand about the people who make Montreal’s thriving artistic community so unique, the more there is to build on and celebrate.


Ranee Lee
Julie Tamiko Manning