Children’s Series

Queen of Tides

Join us on the front steps of the theatre for a return to the Saturday Morning Children’s Series – LIVE at Centaur! Marionettist Anne-Marie Cardin will treat us to a performance of the Queen of Tides. After the show, stick around and see how the marionettes work.

May 14


45 minutes
"The tradition of czech strings carried by the expertise of Anne-Marionnette redefines the word magic"
Danick Lizotte, audience member

About the show

In the Coral Archipelago lives the Queen of the Tides, goddess of the moon. One night, the visit of the pirate Barbewire upsets the natural balance of the sea. The anchor is dropped and the hooks are cast…

More Info

Anne-Marie Cardin specializes in making and manipulating string puppets. She has practiced this traditional art since her childhood, in her family of Czech origin, a country in which puppetry has an important and long history. Since 2013, the Anne-Marionnette theatre presents a variety of shows for everyone, offers workshops and produces short films.

With her large collection of puppets from around the world as well as her personal creations, Anne-Marionnette presents an intimate form of theatre where Québec and Czech folklore mingle. Her stories are playful and thoughtful, and sensitive subjects such as ecology and intimidation are often tackled in her plays. All her characters like to meet on stage to play, laugh, live adventures, and celebrate their existence by singing and dancing to the rhythms of the music.


Photos: Show banner photo by Marie-Ève Lord and cast photos by Josée Dutil.