Proje(c)t; Les Bonnes

By Jean Genet
Adapted and directed by Roxane Loumède

An adaptation of Jean Genet’s play The Maids by Roxane Loumède , presented in French, English and Spanish with English and French surtitles.

Jan 26 – 29, 2023


75 minutes
"With this year's Wildside offering I am pleased to continue to introduce Centaur audiences to bold experimental theatre. This has always been what Wildside is at its core, and it allows Centaur to encourage and support theatre creators from a great diversity of backgrounds in our community. It is a privilege to work closely with innovative artists that are creating unconventional theatre; theatre that challenges its audience and explores deeply personal yet worldly ideas and issues. We are thrilled to continue our collaboration with La Chapelle Scènes Contemporaines for a fourth consecutive year."
Rose Plotek, Wildside Curator

About the show

Solange and Claire work for a wealthy Westmount woman known as Madame. During her absence, they have fun imagining her murder. Unfortunately, their little ritual leaves its mark and then backfires. Knowing that they will soon be revealed to the world, between delirium and paranoia, fuzzy relationships and role-playing, the two sisters perform this ceremony for the last time. A game that will be fatal.


Roxane Loumède
She/her (writer/director)
Geneviève Gagné
She/her (French Dramaturge)
Marie-Ève Bérubé
She/her (Performer)
Camila Forteza
She/her (Performer)
Alexandra Petrachuk
She/her (Performer)
Bruno-Pierre Houle
He/him (Set designer)
Sophie El-Assaad
She/her (Costume designer)
Joseph Browne
He/him (Sound designer)
Catherine Fournier-Poirier
They/them (lighting designer)
Trevor Barrette
He/him (Stage Manager)

Creative Team

Writer/Director - ROXANE LOUMÈDE / French Dramaturge - GENEVIÈVE GAGNÉ / Performer - MARIE-ÈVE BÉRUBÉ / Performer - CAMILA FORTEZA / Performer - ALEXANDRA PETRACHUCK / Set Designer BRUNO-PIERRE HOULE / Costume Designer - SOPHIE EL-ASSAAD / Sound Designer -JOSEPH BROWNE / Lighting Designer - CATHERINE FOURNIER-POIRIER / Video and Technical Director – VLADIMIR CARA / Stage Manager - TREVOR BARRETTE

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Proje(c)t; les bonnes post show

January 27 & January 28, 2023 Centaur Gallery

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