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Produced by Boca del Lupo
Featuring Montreal playwrights Marie Barlizo, Michaela Di Cesare, Gabe Maharjan and Adjani Poirier

#Plays2Perform asks the audience to take a leading role in a short, newly created play with close friends and family. These short plays can be performed around the dinner table, picnic blanket, or campfire with or without an audience. Have fun!

Mail order theatre!

A Box Set of scripts that can be ordered online and delivered to your home

2021 Patrick O’Neill Award for Best Play Anthology
"Theatre is live, theatre is communion, theatre is something to be experienced together in the flesh."

How to Buy

Centaur is proud to partner with Boca del Lupo and theatres across Canada to bring you Plays2Perform@Home…

Quebec Box Sets are available at Centaur Theatre. Or, purchase Box Sets online here.


$30 per Box Set

$125 for the Full Collection; includes Original Western Box, Prairie Box, Ontario Box, Québec Box, and Eastern Canada Box.



Marie Barlizo
Truth or Dare
Michaela Di Cesare
Gabe Maharjan
Our Tree
Adjani Poirier
Celebrity Dogs

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Whether as a gift for loved ones, something fun and meaningful to do with friends and family or for a peek inside the minds of 20 amazing writers making work during these remarkable times, our hope is that Plays2Perform@Home will help those of us with a passion for live performance keep the spark alive.


Negociations by Hiro Kanagawa; Super by Tara Beagan; Where does that blue come from? That robin’s egg blue? by Karen Hines; Papadum by Jovanni Sy.


Persephone Theatre: The Fifth Setting by Yvette Nolan; Winky & Stinky by Curtis Peeteetuce

Royal Manitoba Theatre CentreThe Impossible by Joseph Aragon; Faceplace Marketbook by Debbie Patterson


Factory Theatre: Front Fix Valley by Jeff Ho; GEODE by Aaron Jan; Apple of My Eye by Marina Moreira; Home Sweet Home by Rachel Mutombo


Centaur Theatre: Truth or Dare by Marie Barlizo; Only by Michaela Di Cesare; Celebrity Dogs by Adjani Poirier; Our Tree by Gabe Maharjan


Eastern Front Theatre: A Kind Nest by Mary-Colin Chisholm; Mona, Lisa by Santiago Guzmán

Theatre New BrunswickYour friendly neighbourhood nuclear reactor by Marc-André Charron; It’s Like a Highlight Reel by Jena Elizabeth McLean

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