Centaur presents

Paul Looks for Happiness

Created by: Paul Rossy

No one can define happiness – if you’re happy you just know it! In this biligual show, Paul looks for happiness with his creative friends, through music, dance and stories.

March 18th at 4pm and 19th at 2PM 2023

Supported by the Alan and Roula Rossy Family Foundation

70 minutes
"Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions"
Dalai Lama


Part 1 opens with a puppet musing on the show’s title, “Looking for Happiness/Paul cherche le bonheur.” She can’t quite define the concept of happiness but certainly knows what makes her happy. She introduces her musical friends one by one, which are some of the best musicians in Montreal. Each introduces his or her musical instrument, plays a short solo, and encourages the children to think about learning to play music. The musicians then play a couple of Paul’s jazz tunes.

In Part 2 Paul presents his stories and songs around the theme of happiness. The puppet, dancers and musicians help him to animate the music.

As the show ends Paul tells everyone that the key to happiness is to be busy at something you love doing…especially playing music, singing and dancing. The show is simultaneously in english and french.


Paul Rossy
Creator / Writer
Éveline Grégoire-Rousseau
Puppeteer and Musician
Jonathan Cayer
Musical Director


Jonathan Cayer - Keys and Musical Direction
Mark Nelson - Drums
Morgan Moore - Upright Bass
Joe Grass - Pedal Steel and Guitars
Lex French - Trumpet
Lisa Iwanycki - Vocals
Éveline Grégoire-Rousseau - Puppeteer and Musician
Paul Rossy / Vocals and Acoustic Guitar

Viktoria Gauthier
Juliette Turgeon
Xavier Turgeon
Leila Seguem
Tula Jane Wright

Ian Kelly