Centaur Theatre’s Annual Gala

Party in Paradise

A devilishly good time at Centaur Theatre’s 15th annual Fundraising Gala

"We are honoured to have tempted you here to join us tonight in our theatrical paradise. You see, temptation isn’t always a bad thing. The proceeds from this heavenly event help us put great stories well told on stage year after year in the heart of Montreal. Your generosity means so much."
Eda Holmes, Centaur Theatre Artistic & Executive Director

Decadent, theatrical celebration

Montreal – On November 5, Centaur Theatre’s Artistic and Executive Director Eda Holmes and the Theatre’s Board of Directors, Chaired by Michael Baratta, hosted Party in Paradise, Centaur Theatre’s 2019 Gala. Those in attendance were regaled with a glorious night including a spirited auction guided by CJAD’s Aaron Rand; sold-out Treasure Chest prizes, this year’s game of chance inspired by the tree of knowledge and its tempting fruit, hosted by CTV’s Lori Graham; a fabulous silent auction that wrapped around the gallery; an outstanding cocktail dînatoire on the Centaur stage; and immersive entertainment taking place throughout the theatre, with live violin music, sinful songs, a smoking Adam & Eve tango performance, and a mirror-ball Dance Hall. The enchanting party raised $160,000 by the time all the angels went home. The brisk night air disappeared as people made their way up the grand theatre steps. Inside, a lush wall of tropical cut-outs of gorgeous flowers and humongous green leaves (recyclable!) played host to red birds and butterflies. Overhead were floating puffy clouds. Decorator extraordinaire Roberto Menegati proved once again his imagination is unstoppable.

Take a bite of the apple

Thank You

Party in Paradise was made possible thanks to


Anna Giampà


Michael Baratta**
Toni Bessner
Elisa Desoer
Susan Da Sie*
Silvia Galeone*
Belle Grivakis
Eda Holmes
Rose Mary Maida
Hugh W. McAdams
Roberto Menegati
Beth Noel
Vincent Prager
Nayan Saha
Charlene Todaschuk
Robert A. Walsh


Aaron Rand, CJAD


Lori Graham, CTV
Samantha Bitonti
Richard Young


Dr. Anthony G. Czaharyn*
Paola Farnesi*
Fergus V. Keyes*
Martin R Landry*
Richard Pan*
Hartland J.A. Paterson*
Caitlin Rose*
Robert M. Yalden*

* Member of the Board of Directors, Centaur Theatre Company
** Chairman of the Board of Directors, Centaur Theatre Company


Air Canada
Anna Giampà & Matteo Fiorilli
Cummings & Gold Families
Fednav Ltd.
Canvar Group Inc.
Power Corporation of Canada
Reitmans (Canada) Ltd.
The Rossy Family Foundation
Systra Canada


Air Canada
Antonopoulos Group
CMV Cruise & Maritime Voyages
Menegati Design
La Grande Roue de Montréal
Pinkerton Flowers
The Crane Resort
VIA Rail Canada
Wolf & Workman