Artistic Diversity Discussion

Panelists 2020

Throughout the year, a five-member panel met with Centaur Theatre board members and Artistic and Executive Director Eda Holmes to discuss and develop more ways to de-stigmatize and celebrate diversity on stage and off.

"Overall, ADD @ Centaur invites all artists and audiences to engage in the conversation about what it would take to make Centaur look like Montreal. We start by listening to our colleagues from the diverse community, identifying our deficiencies as an organization, and then addressing those issues to create opportunities for diverse artists and staff to become fully integrated into the art we make at Centaur."
Eda Holmes, Centaur Theatre Artistic and Executive Director


The esteemed panel consisted of Indigenous Francophone writer/actor Charles Bender; former Managing Director of the Quebec Drama Federation and ELAN, Patrick Lloyd Brennan; biracial Filipinx French Canadian Muslim, Jeansil Bruyère, a jurist with valuable experience shaping policy to protect the underrepresented; jazz icon Ranee Lee; and Japanese Canadian performer and theatre creator, Julie Tamiko Manning.


Charles Bender
ADD Panelist
Patrick Lloyd Brennan
ADD Panelist
Jeansil Bruyère
ADD Panelist
Ranee Lee
ADD Panelist
Julie Tamiko Manning
ADD Panelist

Saturday Salons

Results of the ADD @ Centaur will roll out through ongoing and newly created initiatives as the year unfolds, the first of which are the Saturday Salons. View the recorded conversation series here.

Jessica Carmichael & Émilie Monnet

Two artists who would have been part of this season’s line-up join Eda to talk about amplifying Indigenous voices at Centaur.

Ranee Lee & Julie Tamiko Manning

Our second Salon around how to develop Centaur Theatre’s role in reflecting Montreal’s cultural diversity … on stage and off.

Patrick Lloyd Brennan & Jeansil Bruyère

The first in a series of comprehensive conversations examining Centaur Theatre’s relationship to Montreal’s rich cultural diversity.

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