Night Cows

Produced by MoonCow Theatre Co.
Original Text: Jovette Marchessault
English Translation: Yvonne M. Klein

A Queer feminist fantasia that blurs the line between human and animal, mother and daughter, sky and earth, inviting audiences into the milky ecstasy of liberation. Free event.

24 mins
Night Cows invites us into the fantastical story of a magical transformation of a mother cow [and] is asking us to reconsider the hierarchy-based belief system that we rely so much upon.
The emphasis on the wisdom of non-human animals reflects Marchessault’s mixed Indigenous/settler heritage, which Wattam shares: this production’s foregrounding of that knowledge and its commitment to a fully embodied feminism make it feel like a play for today


A movement poem using shadow puppetry.

MoonCow Theatre Co. presents an abridged version of its haunting adaptation of Night Cows, the 1979 seminal theatrical text by Québécois & Indigenous creator, Jovette Marchessault.

It begins at dusk. A vachette describes how her mother removes the shackles of the day and society, transforming into a sensual, grotesque, night cow. Her mother opens herself in two, she splits herself in four expanding into the milky way; her daughter riding her back as they go to wake the crows.


Eléonore Lamothe
Audio Performer, Script Adaptation
Alexandra Montagnese
Marionnettiste, conception et confection des marionnettes
Anna Jane McIntyre
Conception des marionnettes

Hannah Kirby - Video & Sound Editor
Eléonore Lamothe - Audio Performer, Script Adaptation
Rosie Long Decter - Composer, Dramaturg
Anna Jane McIntyre - Puppet Design
Sophie Marisol - Puppet Design
Alexandra Montagnese - Puppeteer, Puppet Design & Construction
Katey Wattam - Director, Producer, Script Adaptation, Puppet Design & Construction
Myrna Wyatt-Selkirk - Puppetry Consultant

Thank You

Night Cows has seen many iterations over the years. This process has been saturated by the artistry of: 

Nikita Bala, Micheline Chevrier, Maxine Dannatt, Sharon Davidson, Micah Flavin, Mattias Graham, Yuan Kelly, Lauren Laframboise, Pablo Rodriguez, Mathieu René, Easton Skara, and Jed Tomlinson.

We are grateful for all your support in the journey of this piece. chi-miigwech.

Through the MAI’s Mentorship Program, this production has benefited from financial support by the Ministère de la Culture et des Communications du Québec and the Ville de Montréal under the agreement on the cultural development of Montréal 2017-2018.

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