Wildside Remix

Logic of the Worst

Etienne Lepage + Frédérick Gravel

Presented at Centaur Theatre in partnership with La Chapelle Scènes Contemporaines for Centaur’s Wildside Remix edition of the 2022 Festival.

March 2-5, 2022

7PM nightly

"Wildside is an opportunity for some of Montreal's most talented and adventurous artists to deepen their exploration and work."
Rose Plotek, Wildside Curator


Five performers explore the idea of the “worst” in front of their audience. Through anecdotal stories, demonstrations and flights of fancy, the worst proves to be a powerful philosophical acid that exposes our relation to the world, shining a playful but unforgiving light from which even the performers cannot hide. While being a primarily scenic project, Logic of the Worst coordinates text, movement, music and stage set, searching for a universe capable of not only seducing spectators, but of also making them the privileged accomplices of a truly original world view.

Presented in partnership with La Chapelle Scènes Contemporaines for the Wildside Festival.

Performances are in English.

ASL performance March 5th.

Video instructions in ASL below.

Creative Team

Logique du pire-by Étienne Lepage in collaboration with Frédérick Gravel -with Jon Lachlan Stewart, Yannick Chapdelaine, Marie Bernier, Marilyn Perreault and Philippe Boutin.


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