The Doorstep Theatre Project

Justin Eddy and the Great Cosmic Crisis

Follow space cadet Justin Eddy as he is called back to earth to try and figure out why gravity’s been reversed, and how to liberate his friends who can help him fix it!
For kids 6-12 years old.

45 minutes

About the show

As Justin meets a cast of colourful characters who both help and hinder his progress, he and his trusty puppet companion Ziggy are forced to come to terms with the fact that some problems are too big for one boy to solve. Filled with music, laughter, and more, Justin Eddy and the Great Cosmic Crisis will be sure to provide old and young alike with an entertaining escape that’s out of this world!

This show will be livestreamed from Centaur Theatre to your home via Facebook and YouTube!


Sarah Currie
Murdoch Schon
Justin Eddy
Espoir Segbeaya
Leslie Hernandez
Production Manager
Claire Bourdin
Sound Designer