Created, performed, written & co-directed by Sylvia Cloutier
Co-directed & designed by Clea Minaker

How were we once the strongest survivors in the world to a people now facing the highest suicide rate among our Inuit youth? – Sylvia Cloutier

January 11th – 15th, @ 7pm

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"Wildside is an opportunity for some of Montreal's most talented and adventurous artists to deepen their exploration and work."
Rose Plotek, Wildside Curator


HUSH is a response to how I feel about the suicide crisis in my hometown Kuujjuaq, Quebec. A suicide rate twelve times higher than the National average made no sense to me until I asked myself: How did we go from once being the strongest survivors in the world with no outside help, to facing the greatest loss of our young people to suicide in the world? This is the question that drove me to create the play HUSH and to explore how a community is impacted by the loss of someone to suicide. – Sylvia Cloutier

Above banner image by Clea Minaker. Photos below by Laurence Plouffe.


Sylvia Cloutier
Creator, performer, writer & co-director
Clea Minaker
Co-director, Designer

Creative Team

Sylvia Cloutier - Co-director, Playwright, Performer
Clea Minaker - Co-director, Designer
Flavia Hevia - Lighting Designer


A hunter scene of an inuk performer plays a hunter who hunts on the sea ice under the moonlight.

About Wildside

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