Paradise Lost and Found…at Centaur Theatre

Great Stories Well Told

Five great plays—see one or see them all—plus acrobatic bodies leaping through the air and operative voices soaring through time. Expand your idea of live theatre.

Bold new stories at Centaur Theatre

From iconic dramas and exciting contemporary writers to the greats of English literature, discover provocative and timely stories about the transcendence of love – Alice and the World We Live In, the joy of irreverent puppets – Little Dickens, the delusion of innocence – Paradise Lost, the cost of revenge – MOB, and the mythology of the American dream – Fences at Centaur Theatre.

With the acrobatic bodies of Un Poyo Rojo and the soaring voice of Century Song, we put national and international artists on stage revealing new ways of engaging with theatre and the world. Centaur nurtures future generations through our children’s series and with the freshest voices of Montreal’s bold indie theatre scene, showcased through the Wildside Festival and Brave New Looks.