Collectif Théâtral Potomitan

Fanm Rebel

Written by : Maryline Chery
Directed by: Maryline Chery, Manouchka Elinor
Featuring : Maryline Chery, Manouchka Elinor

They are the black muses: spirits of the past and carrier of freedom. Welcoming you to the museum of Haitian women revolutionaries. Buckle up, as a revolt is about to begin.

September 24 - October 4, 2020
20 minutes
This is our first step toward so-called normalcy. In a manner of speaking, we’re turning Centaur Theatre inside out, but in the safest, most inclusive way possible.
Eda Holmes

Show Times

Sept. 24- 6:30pm;  Sept. 26 – 4:30pm;  Oct. 2 – 6:30pm;  Oct. 4 – 4:30pm

Presented in rotation between, approximately, 4 and 9pm Thursdays and Fridays and from 2 to 9pm for weekend crowds, The Portico Project is part of this year’s Les journées de la culture activities. Spectators will also be able to participate in Vancouver’s innovative Red Phone Project, enjoy Le Trunk Collectif’s bonus event, Who We Have Forgotten, and get their dance on with two weekend flash mobs. All performances are free and donations of any amount are gratefully accepted.


Set Design: Sandrina Sparagna
Costume Design: Georges Michael Fanfan
Photo credit: Jeremi De Pue

Safety Info

Audience members will be required to wear a mask during performances. Centaur Theatre adheres strictly to all of the health and safety requirements specified by the Quebec health authorities. There will be no public access to Centaur Theatre facilities during this event.