A woman with long dark straight hair stands on a black stage with a microphone. She has her hands on her hips and wears a black t-shirt
Wildside Remix


Good Date, Bad Date — Stories of Romance and Regret

Montreal’s showcase for true-life stories returns to the Wildside stage with Good Date, Bad Date: stories of romance, awkwardness, and surprise, as we navigate the wide world of dating!

March 4, 2022


90 minutes
We're thrilled to be returning to the Centaur! Autobiographical storytelling feels more important and relevant than ever. As we're trying to bring audiences back to the performing arts, it's such a joy to be hosting real people sharing their real stories... Isn't that what we've all been missing?
Matt Goldberg
"We're all in the same city, we're all in the world together and we recognize in each other similarities and differences. And having that experience, having other people recognize and connect with you, that's a really powerful thing."

Stories, true as we can tell them

Featuring stories from first-timers, as well as veterans, this show marks the return of live performances, and kicks off a brand new season of stories, true as we can tell them. For this edition of Wildside, Confabulation explores the theme of dating–the good, the bad, and the ugly. It is a night to celebrate romance, regret, and all the feelings in between with six true-life stories, shared by the people that lived them!


Matt Goldberg
Producer and Host