Confabulation presents: Summer Love

Confabulation, Montreal’s original, autobiographical storytelling series returns with a night of stories, true as we can tell them. This month, we’re sharing stories of Summer Love: stories of heating up, cooling down, and wishing it would never end!

September 17, 2022
“(Confabulation) encourages people to share because they can run with their ideas in an encouraging environment”
Rachel Levine, ​Cult MTL
“It seems that Montrealers wanted something like this”
Nantali Indongo, CBC News ​

About the show

Confabulation​ is a monthly, live storytelling event, featuring curated true-life stories, shared by the people that lived them. Each month, our guest storytellers tell their autobiographical tales around a set theme. Each night features a mix of diverse community members and professional performers who convey their truths without notes, props or gimmicks. The stories are funny, thoughtful, heart-wrenching, and above all honest.

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Creative Team

Hosted by Matt Goldberg
Produced by Matt Goldberg, Deb VanSlet, Smriti Bansal, Nisha Coleman, Nathan Elliott, Francesca Esguerra, Michele Luchs and Lukas Rowland
Technical Director Stephen Trepanier

Production Partner(s)
Production Partner(s)