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Charles Bender

Eda Holmes extends the diversity discussion to the Indigenous community. Meet bilingual performer, Charles Bender, a successful stage and screen actor—well-known to APTN viewers—a professional TV host, and a facilitator for various First Nations groups.

45 minutes
Charles has a deep connection to his Indigenous roots and has been able to manifest this love for his heritage on the stage and screen in both French and English. Through his art and involvement with Canada’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission, he is a valuable contributor to our search for ways in which to create more diversity in the arts and ultimately, in our community.
Eda Holmes, Centaur Theatre Artistic & Executive Director


The emergence of indigenous stories and artists is an overdue revelation.  Join Eda and Charles as they explore ways to create opportunities and welcome Indigenous artists–and their rich, extensive culture–into the mainstream.


Charles Bender