Century Song

Presented in Association with Volcano Theatre & Moveable Beast Collective, and Richard Jordan Productions UK
Co-created by Neema Bickersteth, Kate Alton & Ross Manson
Performed by Neema Bickersteth
Choreographed by Kate Alton
Directed by Ross Manson

A Wordless Chronicle of the 20th Century told with movement and music.

February 12 - 16, 2020
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As a country there is much under the surface of our history that most of us aren't aware of.
Ross Manson, Director
Century Song is a love letter to a hundred years of female endeavour. […] Bickersteth is magnetically flawless
Cerebral, fascinating... ravishing
Century Song doesn’t just leave you wanting more, it leaves you bereft that this glorious hour is over
Theatre Reviews Hub, Manchester (UK)

About Century Song

The Canadian original that rocked the 2018 Edinburgh Fringe, Century Song is a riveting hybrid of theatre, music, dance, and visual art featuring the powerful, Dora Award-winning soprano, Neema Bickersteth. Inspired in part by Virginia Woolf’s Orlando and Alice Walker’s In Search of Our Mother’s Gardens, Bickersteth inhabits a century of women whose identities are contained within her own. It is an exquisite, wordless experience, featuring music by some of the most adventurous composers of the past 100 years against a visual tapestry of inventive and influential art.


“Without words – we’re forced to exist in all the other ways we communicate.”
– Neema Bickersteth, Soprano

Photos of Century Song by John Lauener

Creative Team

Set Design by Camellia Koo
Costume Design by Charlotte Dean
Lighting Design by Rebecca Picherak
Projection Design by Torge Møller & Momme Hinrichs (fettFilm, Germany)
Associate Video Design by Cameron Davis, Kaitlin Hickey &; Jeremy Mimnagh
Piano, Structured Improvisations & Music Co-Direction by Gregory Oh
Percussion, Computers, Structured Improvisations & Music Co-Direction by Debashis Sinha
Touring Percussion by Benjamin Grossman
Composers Sergei Rachmaninoff (Russia), Olivier Messiaen (France), John Cage (USA), Georges Aperghis (Greece), & Reza Jacobs (Canada), Improvisational Themes by Reza Jacobs