Wildside Festival

Catalyst @ Centaur

Join us live at 2PM Jan 30 & 31st

An exciting new initiative in the 24th edition of the Wildside Festival to develop & showcase works in progress. Free event at 2PM.

January 30 - 31, 2021
60 minutes

Live Stream Event

On the last weekend of January (30 & 31), tune in live to hear artists read an excerpt from their plays, followed by a Q&A with Rose Plotek. 

Catalyst @ Centaur events will be broadcast via Facebook live and YouTube. Don’t miss your chance to get in on the ground floor of ground-breaking work emerging from Montreal’s thriving theatre community.

Developing & Showcasing Works in Progress

When we sent a call-out to artists for short plays for the Portico Project, our first outdoor mini-festival, we received many proposals by young, diverse artists that wowed the jury. Each artist was given access to one-on-one creative support from Centaur Artistic Director, Eda Holmes, Centaur Associate Artist, Rose Plotek, and various local theatre experts well-matched to each unique new voice.



Marie Barlizo
Playwright, The Healing
Rahul Gandhi
Playwright, Bad Indian
Charles Gao
Playwright, Welcome to the Digital Desert
Germaine Konji
Playwright, After the Reckoning
Alexandra Laferrière
Playwright, Painted: An In-Visible Exhibition
No one
Playwright, For my teachers who use The N-word
seeley quest
Playwright, Modeling
Amelia Sargisson
Playwright, FER SHAME
Nils Svensson-Carell
Playwright, The Box

Catalyst plays

Saturday January 30, 2PM

Bad Indian by Rahul Gandhi

Hollywood often shares tales of self-discovery through romanticising caucasian male hairless hyper-athleticism. “What am I?” asked through glazed abs, chests, and shoulders. What about the rest of our bodies? Are we all equally composed of such stuff as dreams are made on? If a Canadian-Indian asks “What am I?”, where are their examples?

For my teachers who use The N-word by No one

A poetic piece that explores the intersection between race and gender in the modern world.

Modeling by seeley quest 

Two physically disabled artists, of genders yet to be determined, get into an erotic power play during their first modeling session together, and grapple with their attractions and fears about disability and vulnerability.

The Box by Nils Svensson Carell

A man moving apartments after a not-too mutual breakup has to decide what in life is important to keep, and what is expendable.

Sunday January 31st, 2PM

After the Reckoning by Germaine Konji

After the dust has settled and the battle cry for change has echoed across the most differing expanses and all that’s left of before is the rubble. After the Reckoning is a coming undone; an unravelling of all the worlds within one feminist as her Black womanhood collides with her internalized white feminist gaze. 

FER SHAME by Amelia Sargisson

A solo show about fecking up, starting fresh, and re-membering who you are. 

Painted: An In-Visible Exhibition by Alexandra Laferrière

Two Black performers contend with identity and authenticity while developing a project for a fine arts museum.

The Healing by Marie Barlizo

The Healing centers around Marie’s challenging relationship with her father, and how almost losing him from COVID-19 allowed her to move past the issues and find peace. 

Welcome to the Digital Desert by Charles Gao

Decades after the Dynet connected us all to its virtual reality, ex-cyber treasure hunter Bobbi “Billions” gets tied up in a plot to crash DYCON – the technology god that’s taken the world hostage.

Saturday Jan 30, 2021

Click here to watch Catalyst Day 1 on YouTube.

Sunday Jan 31, 2021

Click here to watch Catalyst Day 2 on YouTube.


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