Virtual Children’s Series

Brown Bear: What Are You Toxin About?

Directed by Daniel Gies & Emily Paige
Commissioned by MindFuel STEM Store

Watch out! Sometimes what you’re eating is more than meets the eye. While our Brown Bear is hungry for delicious fish in hands, let’s talk about ‘toxin’ in the fish and find out if it is safe for Brown Bear to eat. We follow the adventures of Brown Bear to learn how bioaccumulation and biomagnification are impacting the local ecosystem, and how human interactions with the environment can affect toxin levels.

February 21 – March 31, 2022

07:25 | 2017 | Canada

Centaur’s 2022 Children’s Series goes online and features an educational and entertaining short film selection from the archives of Montreal animation company E.D. Films.

About E.D. Films

E.D. FILMS is a multi-disciplinary animation studio based in Montreal since 2007. Our work encompasses short and long linear films, virtual realities, commissioned content for immersive experiences, process tutorials, and digital creation tools. Our talented team is at the core of everything we do. We aspire to thoughtful engagement, knowledge sharing, curiosity, and hand crafted artistry. We explore complex contemporary topics like environmental conservation, fusion energy, machine learning, and cosmology, all through a lens of playfulness, creativity and possibility.


Narrator William Patrick
Music by Socalled (Audio Coara) & Tyler Fitzmaurice
Sound Editing & Mix by Tyler Fitzmaurice
Directed by Daniel Gies & Emily Paige
Written by Brent Bawel, Daniel Gies, Emily Paige, David Seitz
Produced by Emily Paige & Brent Bawel
Storyboard by David Seitz
Designs & Animations by Daniel Gies & David Seitz
Backgrounds, VFX Compositing & Editing by Daniel Gies

Subject Matter Experts

Mark Bonnell – Senior Science Advisor, Environment Canada
Leland Jackson – Professor Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, University of Calgary
Marlene Evans – Research Scientist, Environment and Climate Change Canada
Birgit Braune – Environment Canada
Craig Hebert – Environment Canada
Special Thanks to: Hugo Bossaert, Roxann Vaudry-Read, Hoda Adra
Funded by: Alberta Innovates

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