453 St François-Xavier

Conceived + written by: Greg MacArthur
Sound design + audio production: Jesse Ash
Voiced by: Julian Bardesono Fraser, Marlowe Bardesono Fraser, and Lesley Macaulay
Featuring Samples from the music of Pallmer

A building. A future. An audio tour. (Free event)

January 14 - 31, 2021
20 mins


The 20-minute audio tour will premiere Jan. 14 and remain online until January 31st.

This is a place. This is a space. This is a future. Listen. I’m gonna tell you things. I’m a voice from the future. I’m like a jellyfish. You can’t see me but I’m here. I can move through things. I can float through time and space. Don’t worry. I’m nothing to be afraid of. I don’t bite. Come here. Come here. 

“This text + sound installation will use the idea of a historical walking tour to examine a future for the Centaur Theatre building / land plot. Rather than looking into the past, I will project the space and place into the future. Looking through the lens of environmental changes, political and social dynamics, the role and place of art in society, and cultural and social changes, I will write + construct a series of imagined tenants that will occupy this space over the course of the next four hundred years.” – Greg MacArthur

Featuring samples from the music of Pallmer