Proje(c)t; Les Bonnes

An adaptation of Jean Genet’s play The Maids by Roxane Loumède , presented in French, English and Spanish with English and French surtitles.

Planting an Apple Tree

2022 Ukraine: The Russian invasion, a narrative of hope, fear, rage, and the search for balance.

A solo performance with Clare Coulter.


Based on the original French production Le brasier, produced by Homme Allumette and directed by Philippe Cyr.
Presented by Talisman Theatre as part of the Wildside Festival in partnership with La Chapelle Scènes Contemporaines and Centaur Theatre.
With French surtitles

Theatre For One

6 films, 6 actors, 3 directors. What is the difference between the screen and the stage? In addition to the films released for streaming, a live theatre screening will be programmed during Wildside. Finally, don’t miss the monologues performed live on stage in April for a complete theatrical experience that dares to compare how we experience performances.