Justin Eddy and the Great Cosmic Crisis

Follow space cadet Justin Eddy as he is called back to earth to try and figure out why gravity’s been reversed, and how to liberate his friends who can help him fix it!
For kids 6-12 years old.

Just Enough

Using clowning and puppetry, Maggie Winston brings a traditional Yiddish folktale to life! This show will be livestreamed on this webpage Saturday November 28th at 10:30am.


Live at 10:30AM on YouTube with Jesse Stong as part of the TD Saturday Morning Children’s Series. Video link will be posted on this page one week before the show!

The Heart Recipe

In this new adventure Lady Lost needs your help to stay awake and figure out the ingredients to make a good heart. This show will be livestreamed from Centaur theatre at 10:30AM. Free event.

The Little Mighty Superhero

The Little Mighty Superhero is a journey of a young boy’s quest to stand up to his fears. For ages 4 – 12. Live streamed here as part of a special Centaur co-presentation with Geordie Theatre!