Gallery Exhibit

L’arbre du retour – The Tree of our Return

From March 28, through the run of King Dave

Space is a doubt, it does not immediately give hold to identity (it is not given to us). You have to “conquer it”. — G. Perec

L’arbre du retour is an exhibition which unites the work of six visual artists. Faced with their preoccupations surrounding identity and the sense of belonging, they are questioning the elements that influence an individual’s attachment to a place. How do multiple localities, in a context where living spaces are more and more stretched out participate, or not, in the construction of a person’s identity?

A journey of independent works that are linked in a subtle dialogue among themselves and through the space between each of the installations. Sculpture, photography and painting present a sample of the different lenses through which we question our sense of belonging. Where do we all fit in?

A collective exhibition which reflects on the reference that territory, whether it is expressed by the place of origin or by a place of attachment, is an important factor in the construction of identities.

Curated by Ralph Maingrette of the Centre des Arts de la Maison d’Haïti L’arbre du retour presents the work of artists from the Saint-Michel neighbourhood.


Harry Abilhomme 

Kevin Calixte

Marc-Alain Félix

Léonel Jules

Jean Eddy Remy