Gallery Exhibit

Connie Burcheri and Carmelo Blandino

From February 21, through the run of At the Beginning of Time

Connie Burcheri

An Italo-Canadian art collector and photographer, Connie Burcheri presents a selection of her photographs from her CITY SCAPES series as well as paintings by Carmelo Blandino, a fellow artist, who like her, has Sicilian roots.

Fascinated by Street Art in the form of Graffiti and Murals, Connie has documented many of them throughout America and Europe, notably Italy and Spain. An avid arts collector, she has built in the last 30 years an eclectic collection, featuring many local artists such as Domenic Besner, Guy Benghouzi, Joanne Corno, Zïlon and Maurizio Nalli.

Connie graduated from Concordia University with a degree in Visual Arts specializing in Photography with a Minor in Art History in 1987. Parallel to a successful career as a fashion entrepreneur, she has photographed many landscapes all around the world.

Carmelo Blandino

Born to Sicilian parents in Tübingen, Germany, and with a childhood spent in the cities of Montreal and Modica, Sicily, Carmelo Blandino’s life journey has spanned continents and oceans. Blandino studied art and design in Montreal and enjoyed success as freelance illustrator to advertising agencies, designers, and architects. He later turned his focus on the creation of his own artistic legacy. The result is a fast growing, ever-morphing, highly personal and spiritually guided oeuvre.

His paintings have been featured in galleries in NYC, Palm Beach and Naples, in Carmel, Indiana, Atlanta and in Milwaukee, as well as in Stockholm, Toronto and Montreal. His works have been acquired by the Brenau Museum in Gainseville Georgia and exhibited at the Baker Museum in Naples