For Teachers & Groups

Centaur Theatre is pleased to offer discounts for groups of 20 or more. High School matinees are scheduled for Wednesday May 4th and May 11th at 12PM.

Please contact Box Office for availability for your school or group booking at 514-288-3161.

A Play For the Living in a Time of Extinction

Group Ticket Prices

Tickets for groups of 20+ students/seniors/adults are $20.00 each
Tickets for groups between 10-19 people are $34.50 each

Talk Back Sessions

Following each TOT performance is a moderated talkback session. This gives students the opportunity to meet the cast, voice their comments and ask questions about the play. Please confirm is your school group is interested and available to stay after the performance upon booking your group tickets.


Educational materials include discussion exercises, improvisation, and background information about the play to help prepare students for their experience. Unfortunately there is not a workbook for A Play For the Living…We look forward to planning our regular school materials for the next season and thank you for your understanding.

A message from the sponsor of the TOT program

Canada is a place to put down roots and watch them grow. Whether you were born here or worked hard to get here, you’re in a country that’s diverse and accepting, and where potential is real. In Canada, we look after each other, and we stand up for what we believe in.

At Canada Life, we care about Canadians and the communities they call home. We believe that when communities come together, potential becomes reality.

With the absence of a season of plays this year, The Canada Life Assurance Company has shifted its long-time support of Centaur’s Theatre of Tomorrow (TOT) to sponsor a newly formed initiative, Artistic Diversity Discussion through its Stronger Communities Together program.

For over 40 years Canada Life has been an indispensable supporter of the TOT educational program, which reaches into communities to bring school groups into the theatre, challenging and expanding minds, sparking imaginations, and nurturing a passion for the arts. Through its decision to support ADD @ Centaur and its associated activities, Canada Life aligns itself with Centaur’s ardent goal to bridge communities and create a more just and open society enriched by diversity.