Online Convos-Fences

Having to cancel August Wilson’s Fences, our closing production of Season 51, co-presented with Black Theatre Workshop, hasn’t stopped us from producing informative reading and engaging LIVE events about this Pulitzer Prize-winning play. The usual Conversation events that we produce for each of our mainstage productions throughout the year are still taking place in one fashion or another.

LIVE Saturday Salon: May 9 @ 2pm  

Eda Holmes in conversation with Fences Director, Mike Payette (Geordie Productions’ Artistic Director), actor Lucinda Davis, and leading actor, Quincy Armorer (Black Theatre Workshop’s Artistic Director). Both Geordie & BTW have a history with Centaur, as do Mike & Quincy. Tune in LIVE on Facebook or Youtube.

Visit the Fences webpage HERE for more info about the play and cast.

LIVE Online Convo: April 30 @ 7pm

How does a director take a play from the page to the stage? Join Director Mike Payette in conversation with Centaur’s A&E Director, Eda Holmes, LIVE on Centaur’s Facebook page and YouTube channel.

Thanks for joining us for a great convo! The live stream can now be viewed here:

Chat-Up – blog

Researcher and historian, Dr. Dorothy W. Williams, was to have been our guest for the Sunday Chat-Up, animated by the Gazette’s Editor-in-Chief, Lucinda Chodan. Discover her fascinating work on the subject of Canadian Black history, and Montreal Black communities in particular, on our blog here.

Historian Dr. Dorothy W. Williams

You can also visit or purchase one of Dr. Williams’ 2 books on the subject on her website.